Traveling to Southern region of India, when you are traversing through blissfully beautiful Kerala you will want to explore the length and breadth of the state. Such is the natural splendor of the region, that Kerala is popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country’. The best way to have maximum fun out of your Kerala tours is that instead of visiting too many sights you should stick to the “must visit zones” of the state. To complete a spicy platter of Kerala travels pick the best of the best for your tours to Kerala and in this regards take help of your travel operator who should be an expert of the region. The seaside state is blessed with nature’s bounty for while its edges are done with silver sandy beaches its interiors are soothing with meandering ravines and backwaters. Hill stations, beaches and backwaters all in one state make Kerala an oasis of tranquility and serenity.

When we make the list of “things to do & things to see in Kerala” following comes to mind without even a wink of an eye:

      • Riding the traditional houseboat on placid waters of backwaters is essential features of all Kerala tours. The traditional houseboats locally known as Kettuvallam are similar to luxury cruise on which you are availed all the amenities of modern world as you traverse amid incredibly beauteous natural scenery at your own pace. Most of these houseboat rides are available at Alappuzha in Kerala.
      • Ayurveda is a traditional science of medicine which was originated and practiced for hundreds of years in the region. Today various hotels and many Ayurveda Centers across Kerala offer a wholesome Ayurveda experience to weary traveler helping them to rejuvenate and revitalize their body, mind and soul.
      • The balmy beaches of Kerala are ideal for laid-back holidays and to enjoy therapeutic Ayurvedic massages. Some of the best beaches are that of Kovalam, Cherai Beach and Varkala Beach.
      • While on tours to Kerala one must take a halt and climb up the verdant hills to be amid rolling mountains, pine forests from where one can hear the sounds of waterfalls and relax at the lap of Mother Nature. The finest of hill stations in Kerala are Munnar, Kottayam and Devikulam.
      • Another indispensable part of all travel itineraries of Kerala is gorging upon the state’s distinct cuisine. Rich with coconut, rice, mustard seeds, curry leaf and chilies food of Kerala alone often make the visitor come back again.
      • Other than the above mentioned wilderness tour to Eravikulam National Park and visiting classical dance and music shows are other hot favorites of travelers on journey to the state.

Give your travel itinerary a theme from the above or else club few of the above mentioned highlights to create your own unique plan for Kerala tours. This way you will be able to cover the sights of your choice and will be able to enjoy the journey to the fullest.