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Visa Information


Visa Information & Document Details

Visa procurement and documentation are considered as complex task, and thus we are here to assist our clients whenever they book foreign tour packages with us. We provide them guidance on the documents that they need to show for successful visa procurement.

We provide complete assistance in this process. On behalf of clients, we perform the document submission process. However, it should be noted that our role is limited as a facilitator. We cannot assure the approval of visa, as that is done by embassy after minute verification of documents. Visa applications are declined, when there are issues with documents. For applying travel visa for many countries, you may have to be present physically.

Disclaimer: Visa and passport are important documents, and tourists should take care of those documents throughout the trip. It is solely the responsibility of tourists to keep their visa, passports and other travel documents. For loss of any documents, our company would not be liable or responsible. In case if visa application is refused, we are not responsible for such thing. We only provide assistance in document submission for visa application.


  1. Minimum 06 Months Valid Passport from the date of Arrival + Old Passport, if any. (20 Years Valid & Hand Written Passport not Valid).
  2. 06 Passport Photographs Required For All the VISAS (04 photos per visa).
    A) Colored.
    B) Non-Digital.
    C) Matt – finish.
    D) Latest (not old than 1 month).
    E) White background w/o border.
    F) 35 X 45 mm (normal close view; 80% of face).
  3. Confirm Air Ticket.
  4. Hotel Voucher.
  5. Travel Insurance.
  6. Request letters drafted on the passenger’s letterheads (personal/official) to the respective Consulates.
  7. Visa application forms filled & signed by Passenger.
  8. Last Three- Years Income Tax Returns (Personal).
  9. Six -Months Original Bank Statement (Personal) with Bank Stamp and Sign.
  10. 02 Copies of PAN Card (Per Person).
  11. Fixed Deposits, Shares Certificates, Life Insurance Policies if any.
  12. Property Papers
  13. Minors traveling without parents need an Affidavit / NOC letter from parents.

If Businessmen:

  1. Proof of Company Registration/Memorandum/ Partnership Deed.
  2. Last Three -Years Income Tax Returns of Company.
  3. Last Six- Months Original Bank Statement of Company with Bank Stamp And Sign.

If Salaried Person:

  1. Salary Slip (last 03 months).
  2. Leave Certificate & NOC from the Company.

If Retired Person:

  1. Proof of Retirement Document OR Pension proof.

If Honeymoon Couple:

  1. Wedding OR Engagement Photographs.
  2. Wedding Card from Both Sides.
  3. Marriage Certificate (in English) from the court with duly legalized by the ministry of external affairs (Apostille).
  4. NOC from Both Parents.

Student: Need Letter from school/college which indicates that applicant(s) have been granted leave for entire trip duration & Identity card from school/college.

Visa Form Duly Filled and Signed by Passenger.

For Visa – all applicants have to visit the VFS center, World Trade Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi personally (with prior appointment) with the complete set of above documents (organized & signed by EWS Holidays) for Biometrics (eye / finger scanning).

Note: Depending upon the urgent/latest/additional requirement from the Consulate’s side, we might request you to arrange for the additional documents or may call you for personal interview.

Hong Kong

  1. Visa-on-Arrival is Free of cost for Indian Passport holders.
  2. Original Passport required with minimum 06 months validity from return date of your tour.

Document Details:

  1. Visa-on-Arrival is Free of cost for Indian Passport holders.
  2. Original Passport required with minimum 06 months validity from return date of your tour.


Documents required for Indonesia Package:

    1. Please forward all the documents / forms by mail asap.
    2. Passport copies (front & back with correction page if any).
    3. Copy of pan card.
    4. Visiting card.
    5. Passport condition form.
    6. Personal Detail Form.
    7. Billing form.
    8. Remittance form & A-2 FORM.


  1. Visa Application Form filled completely with block capital letters and duly signed by the applicant.
  2. The Applicant should have a passport valid for at least 9 months from the date of entry into Malaysia.
  3. 6 passport size photographs (35 mm width x 45 mm height) against a white background, 80% Face View, Matt Finish, without Spectacles.
  4. A typed covering letter from the applicant stating the purpose of travel.
  5. Confirmed return air ticket (Original), should be on one sheet only.
  6. Last 3 Months Updated Bank Statement.
  7. PAN card copy.
  8. Occupation Proof (Visiting Card OR ID Card Copy).
  9. Wedding Card (If Honeymooners).

Documents Required for Malaysia Package:

  1. Original Passport.
  2. PAN card copy.
  3. Occupation Proof (Visiting Card OR ID Card Copy).
  4. Last 3 Months Updated Bank Statement.
  5. NO OBJECTION LETTER on company letterhead from senior employer of your office.
  6. 6 photographs (white background, no borders, CHIN TO CROWN and Matt finish).
  7. Signed Remittance Form.
  8. Photo Form (Paste 1 photograph on the Form per person).
  9. Wedding card / Marriage Certificate (if Honeymooners).
  10. Senior citizen form (if above 60 years).


Visa applications will be accepted only when all of the following documents are in order:

  1. A valid passport with at least six months validity on the date of departure from Singapore. If the applicant is holding any old passport, it is mandatory now to enclose the same.
  2. One visa form 14A duly completed and signed by the applicant;
    Two recent coloured passport size photographs adhered to the form (35 mm wide by 45 mm high without border and taken within the last 3 months; taken full face without headgear, unless the applicant habitually wears a headgear in accordance with his/her religious or racial custom but the headgear must not hide the applicant’s features. The facial image must be between 25mm and 35mm from chin to crown; taken against a plain white background with matt or semi-matt finish.) Please note that scanned or unclear photographs will not be accepted and kindly ensure that your form is properly completed. Any incomplete submission or false declaration will result in the application being rejected.
  3. Please note one photograph should be pasted on the visa form and signed across, second photograph should be attached with gem clip.
  4. NOC / Leave letter from the company.
  5. A Covering letter from the Applicant.
  6. Visa is valid from 5 weeks or upto two years at the discretion of the High Commission.

Notice For Singapore Visa

  1. The processing fee for each visa applicant is S$30.
  2. The service fee charged is Rs.300/- + GST.
  3. The applicant would be issued with a receipt listing in the visa fee and service fee upon successful payment.
  4. The applicant would be notified by the authorized visa agent on the outcome of visa application.

Note: When converted to Indian Rupee, the visa processing fee may vary according to the prevailing exchange rate at the time of application.

Document Details: All visa applicants are required to complete the visa application form 14A in full i.e. all columns and blank spaces to be completed. The visa application forms are available free of charge.

Important Note: Every application will be considered on its own merits. Possession of a visa does not guarantee entry into Singapore. Visitors must also meet entry requirements such as holding a valid passport, sufficient funds for the period of stay in Singapore and confirmed onward/return air ticket.

Documents required for Singapore Package

  1. Your original passports.
  2. Copy of pan card.
  3. Visiting card.
  4. 03 months bank statement.
  5. NO OBJECTION LETTER on company letterhead from senior employer of your office (if anyone is working otherwise please forward the Singapore Requesting Letter on your company letterhead).
  6. 5 photographs (white background, no borders, CHIN TO CROWN and Matt finish).
  7. Wedding card if honeymooners.
  8. Signed Remittance Form.


Visa Requirements (If processed from India)

  1. Your original passport.
  2. 3 passport size photographs (White Background, 80% Face View, 35 mm width x 45 mm height, Glossy Finish, Without Border, Dark Clothes).
  3. Last 6 Months Updated Bank Statement (with Stamp on it) & Minimum Balance of Rs.40,000/- OR Credit Card Copy with 6 Months Credit Card Statement.
  4. Occupation Proof (Visiting Card OR ID Card Copy).
  5. Singed Visa Form from traveler.
  6. Covering Letter.
  7. Wedding Card (If Honeymooners).
  8. Marriage Certificate Or Marriage Proof (If the Name is not Endorsed on the Passport).

Visa on Arrival

  1. Original Passport required with minimum 6 months validity from date of return.
  2. 3 passport size photographs (White Background, 80% Face View, 35 x 45 Mm, Glossy Finish, Without Border, Dark Clothes).
  3. Passenger traveling to Thailand must carry 20,000 THB per person (THB 40,000 per family) or equivalent US $ with bill to show at visa counter. For transit visa the quantum is half. For the latest you may check embassy website too.

Documents required for Thailand Package

  1. Passport photocopy (first and last page). Passport should be valid for minimum 6 months from date of return.
  2. PAN card copy (required for Billing).
  3. Traveling passenger Signed Booking Form.
  4. Traveling passenger Signed Passport Condition Form.
  5. Photo Form.


  1. The Applicant should have a Passport (Valid for at minimum period 6 months at the time of travel).
  2. One visa form duly filled and signed by the Applicant (photocopy allowed).
  3. Confirmed Return / Onward ticket (original + photocopy).
  4. Application form duly filled and signed by applicant.
  5. It is recommended that you attach your business card to the Visa application form.

Documents required for UAE Package

  1. Original Passport (should be valid for minimum 6 months from date of return).
  2. A single application set for each applicant (including infants), duly filled & signed by each applicant.
  3. Confirmed Return / Onward ticket (original + photocopy), In case of your own flight.
  4. Business card attached to the Visa Application Form (Recommended).
  5. 3 photographs (35 X 45 mm , colored and clear with 80% Face View).
  6. Financial Documents (in case of applicant qualifying under Financial Status Criteria).
  7. Income tax returns which covers Rs. 2,00,000/- for last two years.
  8. Occupation Proof (Visiting Card OR ID Card Copy).
  9. NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from parents / husband, Photo ID of parents / husband. Copy of the host passport / residence visa.
  10. Wedding Card / Marriage Certificate if spouse name is not given in passport.
  11. Insurance (if more than 60 years of Age).
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