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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions – EWSHolidays

Thank you for visiting EWS Holidays!

All information on the EWSHolidays.Com has been shared for the purpose of providing crucial data to our website visitors. Our website mainly shares information that is related to our services. Apart from that, the website may also display information on partners, clientele, etc. We keep the website updated with the information that we publish. However, updates may get delayed due to many unforeseen reasons. Hence, we request our website visitors to verify the information by contacting us for avoiding the confusion.

1. Use Of The Website:

Anyone can visit our website, though you must be at least 13 years old to purchase our services. We are not responsible, if your child below 13 years of age purchases our packages or services which have been featured on our website. You may request to cancel the subscription of the services or travel packages. However, our refund policy shall be applicable to such requests. Based on the refund policy, you may get a partial refund. In the worst scenario, you would not get any refund at all. By visiting our website, you agree with us to remain financially responsible for all your purchases on our website. You are solely responsible for any bookings or purchases are done under your direction or control. For booking travel packages or flights or trains or car rental services, you need to share your personal data. You need to make sure that you share authentic and updated data with us. We are not liable for your financial loss for sharing the wrong information or data with us. To know how we handle, store, and process your data, you can check our privacy policy page.

2. Contracts for Holiday Packages:

At the time of booking, “lead name” is added to the digitally generated booking slip. The lead name is nothing but the name of the travel agency which has been assigned for a particular trip. We are associated with many travel agents across India and other international destinations. Trusted and experienced tour operators manage the travel packages for our clientele.

3. Accuracy in Information:

At EWS Holidays, we always try to feature accurate information for the website visitors. However, certain information may get updated with time. We also try to keep our website updated with the updates. However, it does not become possible in all cases. For any unintentional misinformation, we are not liable to the damages that have been occurred to website visitors. We always ask our website visitors to check data from other authentic sources before believing anything on our website.

4. Visa, Passport and Travel Documents:

For international trips, we provide assistance for passport and visa procurement for the clients. However, we are not liable for the rejection of your visa. The concerned embassy can answer you on why your visa application has been rejected.

The travel documents that you share with us should be authentic. In the cases where travelers share wrong information or forged documents, we are not liable for any financial losses or visa application cancellation for such clients. We recommend you to check twice before sharing information with us for your visa and passport approval. Due to many unforeseen reasons, embassies or concerning authorities may cancel your visa or passport application. Once again, EWS Holidays is not responsible for such situations. For delays on your visa approval, we once are not responsible. For delayed approval, you can contact the embassy anytime for fast-tracking your visa procurement.

5. Travel Insurance:

We do not sell travel insurance to our clients. However, clients can contact us to get valuable suggestions on travel insurance. We deny taking any responsibilities if disputes arise between clients and insurance companies. We provide proper and detailed invoices to clients so that they can conduct a claim settlement process with the insurance companies. If you travel without any insurance, we are not liable for your damages.

6. Convenience Fees:

When you book tour packages on our website, we charge a small amount of convenience fees. However, we often offer discounts on convenience fees to our loyal clients. We hold the right to decide the application of the convenience fee for the holiday packages or hotel bookings at EWS Holidays.

In case if you pay through credit card, make sure that you provide accurate credit card information. If credit card information has been provided inaccurately, you would find that booking is not done properly or booking is canceled. The same thing will happen when a check provided by you is bounced. We suggest you to make the payment properly so that any errors do not occur.

7. Flight Booking:

Our flight booking service comes with certain terms and conditions. We are not liable for any domestic or international flight cancellation. Any inconvenience caused to the clients in this regard is not our responsibility. Our website is just a platform for booking your flights. We also do not control the terms and conditions of the flight services. Different carriers have different terms and conditions. We are also not liable for the discounts or offers from the flight carriers. For disputes in discounts or offers, you need to contact the flight operator directly.

8. Behavior:

Being in the tourism industry for a long, we understand that behavior is a significant factor in this field of business. We always arrange training for our staff for displaying polite behavior towards the clients. Behavior is the ultimate thing in this field, and thus we take this aspect as utterly crucial. We get into partnership with the businesses that are serious about behavior with clients. However, we do not take any responsibility if behavior from hotel staff or airport staff is not up to the mark.

On the other hand, we suggest clients or travelers to learn local culture and customs before they travel to a place. It is important to respect the faith, culture, and rituals of the local people of the place where you have chosen to travel. Your behavior will make the local people impressed. In return, they shall give you love and help that you may require. People in most of the popular tourist destinations are friendly. However, you should not get into religious or political controversies as a traveler in any tourist place across the world. This may draw trouble for you, and we are not liable for such situations.

9. Lodge Your Complaints:

During your trip, you may have a bad experience. At the time of booking our packages, you may have some queries. You may also have questions regarding payment and refunds. There could be disputes regarding refund or payment processing. For all such cases, you can contact us anytime. We shall try our best to provide you correct and legitimate information for your queries. We shall take your complaints seriously, and those complaints will be resolved with sincere efforts. Instead of calling us, you can simply write an email to us to lodge your complaints.

10. Special Requests and Medical Problems:

For your trip, you may have some special requests. At EWS Holidays, we shall try our best to provide you services, as per your requests. However, we do not give any guarantee in this regard. If there is a special request, we promise that you shall find sincere efforts from us to keep your requests.

During your journey, you may come across medical emergencies. We take such matters seriously, and thus we can make arrangements for your medical facilities. However, there is no guarantee that we shall provide you arrangements for emergency medical services. It may take time. Hence, we cannot take responsibility for any damages or losses that happen to you due to the delayed arrangement of medical services. We commit that we shall give our best efforts to ensure the best services to you.

11. Legal Issues or Disputes:

By visiting our website and purchasing our services or products, you give your consent to the terms and conditions that have been mentioned above. We suggest everyone to go through the terms and conditions minutely. However, if you skip reading or you make mistakes in perceiving certain terms and conditions, we shall not remain responsible for your losses. EWS Holidays assures transparent business policies.

For any queries regarding our services, products and terms of use, we urge you to communicate us without any hesitation. We are available to provide you assistance anytime as per your needs. You can call us or you can write emails to us.

Terms and Conditions for Holiday Packages

EWS Holidays is a transparent and professional business organization that strives to proffer the best tourist services to people. If you need holiday solutions at EWS Holidays, you can buy our packages. When you purchase our packages, you accept certain terms and conditions of our company. These terms and conditions have been mentioned below.

Holidays Booking Terms

When you choose our holiday packages, you should agree with the following terms. If you are not agreeing to any of the following terms, you can opt out your purchase of holiday packages with us. So, here are the terms to follow.

  • 1. Per person price has been quoted in twin-share basis. That means two persons will share one room. If you need separate room for each person, you should mention that to us at the time of booking the holiday packages. In such cases, per person rate will increase since two different rooms will be booked.
  • 2. In one room, maximum three adults have been allowed. This is a standard norm with most of the hotels.
  • 3. Hotels shall provide extra bed or mattress or rollaway to the third person in a room.
  • 4. Our holiday packages come with some exclusion, like laundry cost, tips to hotel staffs, camera fees, mini bar charges, room service charges, telephone calls, etc. Any meals or services that are not mentioned in our packages will be regarded as exclusion.
  • 5. Travelers can let us know about their preferences for hotel rooms and airline seats. For example, some people need ground floor or first floor rooms. Some people want sea view or mountain-view rooms. Many people want window seats in flights. We can fulfill these wishes, but cannot guarantee anything. These things are subject to availability, and also clients get such special requests fulfilled in “first come first served” basis.
  • 6. We do not control hotel policies. Thus, you need to follow the hotel policy of the hotels where you get your accommodation. According to the policy of the hotel, check-in and check-out timings will be scheduled. We do not have any involvement in such things.
  • 7. Transportation will be provided to the travelers as per the itinerary. If you need transportation outside your itinerary plan, you need to pay for that separately.
  • 8. City museums and monuments may stay closed due to many reasons. It could be a public holiday or normal closure day. There could also be many other reasons. In all such cases, we are not responsible if you are not allowed to visit the monuments or museums. We do not have any control on the guidelines and decisions of the authority of the monuments, buildings, museums, etc.
  • 9. For adventure activities like camping, trekking, scuba diving and many others, you need to inform us at the time of package booking. We shall try our best to make such arrangements for you. For all such arrangements, you have to pay additional charges.
  • 10. Before getting into adventure activities, we strongly recommend that you should consult your physician. You must undergo health checkups for such activities. In some activities, you need to show your health report otherwise you would not be allowed to perform such adventure activities.
  • 11. EWS Holidays holds the right to change travel plan, if there is an emergency situation like war, epidemic outbreak, natural calamity, etc. If trip[s have been cancelled or partially concluded due to these unavoidable reasons, we are not liable to pay you any sorts of refunds.
  • 12. For all guests, it is mandatory to carry valid photo identification card at the time of check-in at hotels. For train booking, senior citizens have to carry their Adhaar Cards to prove their age for availing senior citizen concession. It is to be noted that PAN Card has not been considered as valid photo ID.
  • 13. Foreign nationals should clear their immigration formalities at the airports. If there is delay or disputes in immigration process, EWS Holidays is not responsible for such things. At airport, you shall get a permit, which you need to show too hotels at the time of check-in. This permit should be kept properly. If you lose it, you may be in trouble.
  • 14. EWS Holidays offers flight booing services. We are not involved in flight operating services. Hence, flight delays are not our failure. Similarly, mishandling of your luggage by flight authority is not the failure of EWS Holidays. Any claim of refund or compensation should be brought into notice of flight operators. We are not liable to deal with such refund claims. Nevertheless, we cannot be held liable to pay the refunds.
  • 15. If you want to cancel your trips, you may or may not be eligible for refunds. You can get the refunds as per our refund policy. You can check the refund policy in our Privacy Policy page/section of holiday packages.

To know more about our terms and conditions for the holiday packages, you can call us or write emails to us. We are available to provide answers to your queries. We shall also provide you guidance in matters where disputes or confusions may arise. Get in touch with us without any hesitation.

Our Liability to You:

When you purchase our packages, we take the responsibilities as mentioned in our packages. We fulfill all those duties that have been committed by us. Apart from the things that are mentioned in the packages, clients may need special assistances or arrangements in a few cases. At EWS Holidays, we always try to take care of these special requests as it helps us to get into better bonding with clients. However, we are not liable to perform these special requests in all cases. In case of failure in providing such special assistances or arrangements, we would duly apologize to clients. But, we are not liable to pay any financial or other types of penalties for failure. We shall try our level best to serve you the best facilities regarding your hotel, flight and car bookings.

Terms and Conditions for Travel Leads

By registering with EWS Holidays, you agree to accept all the terms and conditions that have been mentioned below. This terms and conditions page is exclusively made for the travel agencies which get associated with us in search of travel leads. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are free to close your registered account anytime as you want.

In the following section, the term “you” refers to all the individuals and agencies that get registered with us via filling up the Travel Agent Registration form. Before purchasing leads from us, we strongly recommend you to read the terms and conditions carefully. If you do not read the terms properly, we are not liable for that.

Description of Our Services:

EWS Holidays offer travel leads to professional and budding travel agents or agencies. With such a program, we try to build a bridge between travelers and travel agencies. Travelers seek a good travel agency so that they can plan their trips with perfection. On the other hand, agencies seek passionate travelers so that the agencies can make revenue by offering good tourism services. With our online leads programs, travel agencies and tourists are benefitted. Travel agents can purchase leads from us. They can convert the leads into customers and earn revenue. Individual travel agents or travel agencies can contact us and purchase travel leads from us for growing their businesses.

The Process of Getting Registered with Us:

As a travel agent, you can get registered with us anytime. We are here to provide you all sorts of assistance during your registration process. For registering with us, you do not have to pay anything. Opening an account is free for travel agents or agencies. In order to purchase travel leads, you need to get in touch with us. You can write us emails or you can call us. We have different packages for travel leads. According to your budget and convenience, you can choose a package.

After being registered with our website, you shall get all information on your dashboard. We strongly urge you to keep your password and username confidential. If you incur losses due to mishandling password or username, we are not responsible. We also suggest you to use a secured web browser for login to your account. You should not share account details with others for safety or security reasons. In case if you have forgotten a password, you need to follow the process of password recovery at our website. We are not liable for any unauthorized use of your account on our website. If you follow standard security norms, your account and data will remain safe with us.

Lead Notifications or Alerts:

When you register with EWS Holidays, you shall get alerts or notifications from us. For an update in policy or terms and conditions, you shall get notifications. When you purchase leads from us, we also send you notifications for the leads. We believe that early response from the travel agencies can enhance the conversion rate of the leads. Hence, we provide early notifications or alerts to the lead subscribers. We offer alerts or notifications via email or text messages to your phone. If you wish, you can change the preferred phone number for receiving the alerts or notifications. For that, you need to find the appropriate option in your user account on our website. Nevertheless, you can temporarily or permanently block all notifications or alerts from us. In case if you have blocked the notifications, we are not responsible for your fault in delayed response to the leads.

Purchase of Leads:

At EWS Holidays, we have different packages for offering travel leads to travel agencies. As per your requirement and budget suitability, you can purchase a lead package from us. You can purchase the leads through an online payment. However, payment processing glitches may occur. For such issues, you need to contact your bank or credit card company to resolve the glitches. Upon your purchase, an invoice will be generated. This invoice will be sent to you via email. You can contact us anytime for getting another copy of the invoice. You can also contact us to spot errors, if there are any at all. We would provide you complete assistance in this matter.

Lead Servicing:

By purchasing leads from EWS Holidays, you acknowledge the following things. If you do not agree to these terms, you can choose not to purchase leads from us. With your purchase of any lead packages, these terms should be accepted by the buyers.

  • The lead you purchase from us may also be purchase by other travel agents. You have to compete for getting the clients by exhibiting your services to the lead.
  • Only the travel agent or agency, which has purchased the lead, can contact with the user.
  • You have a time of 24 hours to contact a lead. If you failed to respond within that time, the lead will be passed to other travel agencies.
  • You cannot legally sell or transfer leads that you have purchased from EWS Holidays. If such things come to our notice, we may proceed with legal steps.
  • We value our clients or customers. Hence, we shall not tolerate any misbehavior with clients or users. In case if we find such agencies, we shall immediately stop providing them leads.
  • Agencies should not take any suspicious or mischievous actions to attain good ratings or reviews on our website. We promote transparent business policy. Hence, we shall not tolerate such misconduct.

Profile of the Travel Agents:

When you open your profile with EWS Holidays, you give us the right to feature or display your travel agent profile for our branding and marketing purpose. The public profile, which will be displayed to people, contains only basic information, like your name, address, contact details, reviews, and ratings, etc.

Protecting Rights of Other People:

We respect your privacy, and thus we also expect you to do the same with the users. You should not share traveler information with others. You should not share information about travelers for any misconduct. Apart from these, here are a few things that you must abide by, if you want to stay associated with EWS Holidays. Please take a note that, we would not tolerate any misconduct in the following matters.

  • You should not post any content which is not your property to your profile. From images to texts, you must abide by the copyright act. Hence, you should not post materials that do not fall under your copyright.
  • We hold the right to remove contents that are inappropriate with our website. So, we request you that you should not post anything irrelevant on your travel agency profile.
  • Any advertising materials for any other brands or businesses will be removed immediately. From travel agent profiles, you cannot conduct marketing for other businesses.

Reviews, Feedbacks And Ratings:

To help your business to grow, you must ask the clients to share reviews and ratings on your travel agent profile on our website. Sharing feedbacks helps a business to correct its mistakes or shortcomings. Nevertheless, positive feedback brings motivation for businesses. We also inspect these reviews or ratings or feedbacks. If we get too many negative feedbacks for a particular travel agency, we would take appropriate measures to resolve the problem. In the worst case, the contract of sending leads to such agencies will be terminated without any prior notice.

Understanding the Proprietary Rights:

Contents that appear on our website have been protected under copyright law. Hence, you should not use the contents on our website on other websites. Moreover, you can bring things to our notice if there is a copyright violation issue.

The copyright act also makes it an offense to reproduce or modify our contents. You should not use such content for commercial or other purposes. In case if you are found guilty in such misconduct, we shall have the right to take legal actions against you. Hence, we expect all the travel agents or agencies registered with us to follow our copyright norms. They should not use materials or contents or data on our website with other websites.

Warranties and Representations:

You warrant and represent EWS Holidays on the following things.

  • You should be a genuine travel agent to use an account on the EWS Holidays. In case if there is a question on your genuineness, we control the right to block or suspend your account until you present us with the appropriate documents.
  • For conducting your travel agency business, you are liable to maintain all certifications, licenses, and other official documents. EWS Holidays is not liable, if you are into legal trouble due to a lack of authorized documents.
  • Every travel agency has strategies to convert leads into customers. However, this execution process should not violate our terms and conditions mentioned in this page. No misconduct with travelers will be tolerated.
  • Your data is your responsibility. You need to keep your account safe. In case if you share your account credentials with others, your personal data will be stolen. In such cases, we are not responsible.

Contract Termination:

EWS Holidays holds the right to terminate the contract anytime, especially when we find that a particular agency is not following the terms that have been mentioned on this page. In case of any misconduct or violation of the terms and conditions, we can terminate the agreement with your travel agency without any prior notice. Similarly, you are also free to terminate the agreement and close your account on our website. You can choose not to open your travel agent account on our website, if you do not agree with certain terms on our website.

Warranty Disclaimer:

At EWS Holidays, we do not provide travel leads with any sorts of warranty whatsoever. It depends on your communication skills to convert the leads into the clients or customers. We are not liable, if you have zero or low conversion rate. Hence, you should buy the leads from us at your own risk. We do not investigate or verify any leads that are provided to the travel agencies. Once you purchase the leads from us, you should acknowledge this. There is no warranty on the conversion rate of the leads. We are not responsible for any interactions or communications between your travel agency and the leads. As a travel agency, you are free to put your unique efforts and strategies to enhance your conversion rate without violating our terms or conditions. EWS Holidays also does not take any responsibility for technical mistakes or problems.

Limitation of the Liabilities:

After purchasing travel leads from us if you face any financial or social or damages, we are not liable to compensate. We are not responsible for such damages. Hence, we reject any claim for compensation for such incidental or accidental damages. If there is a dispute between the travel agency and traveler, we may intervene to settle the issue. However, it does not mean that we shall always work as a mediator in such cases. You have to resolve the disputes with travelers through your own efforts. We can help you to some extent in a few limited cases. In case of any dispute with us, you can get in touch with us. We are sincere to resolve the disputes with our partnered agencies. However, the matter will be investigated thoroughly, and it could take some time.

Violation Of The Terms:

Travel agents that are associated with us must abide by the terms and conditions as mentioned above. Violation of the terms will lead to termination of the agreement. In that case, we may stop sending you any further travel lead. We are a transparent and responsible organization. Our aim or focus is to serve travelers or tourists with the best services. Any misconduct with the trust of the travelers will not be tolerated, and thus it will be regarded as a violation of the terms for the travel agencies. In such a violation of terms, contracts will be terminated without prior notice.

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