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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – EWSHolidays

Thank you for visiting EWS Holidays!

This Privacy Policy page will discuss how we collect your information, what we do with the information and other related details. As a transparent travel portal owner, we are committed to maintain transparency with the website visitors regarding data privacy.

What Information do we collect?

At EWS Holidays, we have two ways of collecting your data. These two ways are discussed in detail in the following section.

Case 1: You Share Your Data with Us

In the first case, you share data with us. Alternatively, you may also give us permission to collect your data. Such information can be as described in the following section.

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Profile photo
  • Likes, comments, shares
  • Age
  • Phone number
  • Physical address

All these information comes to us via your consent. Without your consent, we do not take such information. Also, when you call us or accept our calls, you give us permission to record your calls. Recording the calls helps us to resolve your queries in a better way.

Case 2: Collecting Technical Information via Website

When you visit our website, we collect technical information. When you purchase our services, you also give us consent to use some basic technical information. Details of such data have been discussed in the following section.

  • Log Data:

    When you visit our website, your browser sends us some data. We collect these technical data for improving our website and services so that you can get better user experience. Log data includes internet protocol address, your browser preferences on our website, date, time, etc.

  • Cookie Data:

    EWS Holidays also use cookies to check your log data. We use both “session” cookies and “persistence” cookies for identifying your log data. Cookies also tell us about your language preference, email address, and other details.

  • Device Information:

    In addition to log data, we also collect device information. You may use a desktop or Smartphone device for accessing our website. We need to get your device information to serve you better. According to the screen size and resolution of your device, our responsive website changes its resolution to fit your device screen. Along with basic device information, we also obtain information on device settings for visiting our website.

How We Use the Information We Collect?

EWS Holidays collects various data, as mentioned above. We use different sources and methods for collecting data. Now, the question is what do we do with the data that we collect? How we process your data? A detailed guideline in this regard has been provided in the following section of this article.

  • Customized Content: In order to provide you customize contents, we use your data. At EWS Holidays, many people seek customized content. We supply customized contents, as per their preference or input on our website. Hence, we collect data to provide more accurate customized content to website visitors.
  • Send Policy Updates: With the advent of time, our company changes its policies. To keep things transparent, we always want to keep our clients or customers updated with the policy updates. In case of any changes in terms and conditions, we send emails to clients.
  • Send Product Details: When you purchase our travel packages or other products, we send you an invoice, PNR details, and other related information. To send these data, we need to collect your phone number and email address. All such details of your purchases with us will be sent to you via text messages on your cell phone or email.
  • Send Other Details: Apart from these, we may send you emails or text messages for any discounts or offers. You would get weekly newsletters and other updates via email.
  • Responding to Questions or Comments: We need to collect your email or phone number for responding to your comments or queries. People who pay visit on our website may have various queries.

You can turn off the email and text notifications from us at any time. For that, you need to contact us. We shall give you guidance on unsubscribing our newsletter and offer updates.

Can You Edit or Update Information Shared with Us?

We, at EWS Holidays, facilitate you features or options so that you can edit or update information that you share with us. For example, you can have the following options at our website.

  • You can access your profile, and change information at anytime. You can change your username, emails, search engine visibility preferences and other information on your profile page.
  • You can link the EWS Holidays account with social media platforms. You can also unlink your account with social media platforms anytime as you want.
  • You can choose to close your account anytime. In that case, all your account related information will be deleted on our web server. You can always create a new account whenever you require.

You also have choices to update or edit data via the device or browser that you are using to access our website. For example, you can obtain the following facilities.

  • The browser that you use shall give you control over cookies and cache files. You can delete cookies through your browser, and the preferences on our website will be lost once you delete the cookies.
  • Your mobile device will give you the option to share your live location, if you want to share the exact location with us.

Where We Share Your Information?

The most crucial thing is sharing the information that we collect from you. With whom we share the information? Do we share the information with others at all? All these things are discussed in the following section.

The personal information that you share with us has been shared with the travel agencies that seeks leads from EWS Holidays. We do not share your information or data with any third-party data miners or sales companies. Some data that you share with us are kept for public viewing. For example, your feedback for our services or your public travel itinerary has been showcased for others on our website. Some other instances include the following conditions.

  • If you give us consent to share your information on our social media pages, we share the information about your trips on such platforms. You can also publish your own travel stories via EWS Holidays.
  • We may employ third party companies and individuals to process our information for business analytics purposes. By sharing your information with us, you are giving your consent to share such information with third parties for our business analytics.
  • If there is a legal request for disclosure of your travel information by a legitimate or authorized body, we may disclose your information. This is however a situation that arises by unprecedented events.
  • As a business organization, we may practice activities like merger, bankruptcy, acquisition, reorganization, etc. In all such cases, transfer of data may occur. By sharing your data with us, you are giving us default right to transfer data in business situations as mentioned.

Our Policy on Information on Children

EWS Holidays deals with people who are at least 13 years age. If your age is below than that, you need to fetch consent of parents before submitting your personal information with us. Parents can further contact us for more details on this.

When and How Do We Make Changes to Policy?

From time to time, we change or update our policy. In most of the cases, we let our clientele, partners and customers to know the changes in policy details via email notifications. However, we are not liable to give you prior notification in cases of changing our privacy policy.

Policy for Holiday Packages

Payment Policy

At EWS Holidays, we ensure providing flexible payment terms to the clientele. It makes holiday plans to be done with more precision. Here are the payment terms for you at a glance:

1. One-time Full Payment

If you wish, you can make the full payment at a time before your journey starts. Many clients are comfortable in paying at one time. We give them the facility.

2. Term Payment

To make things easier for clients, we offer them a term payment option. For this, you need to follow the points below.

  • 30 days before the journey begins: Pay 25% of the total amount.
  • 29-20 days before the journey begins: Pay 50% of the total amount.
  • 19-16 days before the journey begins: Pay 100% of the total amount.

Cancellation Policy

Due to many unusual circumstances, people have to abort their holiday plans. We offer a refund for the cancellation of the trip under certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are discussed in the following section.

  • The booking fee will be considered as a cancellation fee, if you want to cancel the trip prior 30 days or more of the beginning of your trip.
  • 50% of your total booking amount will be regarded as a cancellation fee, if you cancel the trip before 30-20 days ahead of the journey.
  • 75% of your total booking amount will be regarded as a cancellation fee, if you cancel the trip before 20-15 days ahead of the journey.
  • 100% of your total booking amount will be regarded as a cancellation fee, if you cancel the trip before 14 or lesser days ahead of the journey.
  • A 100% cancellation fee will also be implied if there is “no show” from the guests or travelers.

Change Your Holiday Plan

After confirming your booking on a certain date, you may want a change in the date of your holiday plan. In such cases, we shall try our best to provide you an alternate date for commencing the journey. However, in most of the cases, it does not remain feasible for us. When hotels, flights, and other services are already booked, it is difficult to change the dates of those bookings. Hence, change in the date of the journey is not always possible or feasible. We cannot commit anything concrete in this regard to you.

Changes in other holiday plans are feasible to some extent. For example, you want to change the number of travelers. If you let us know 40-30 before the journey, we can make suitable arrangements. You can also make changes to the itinerary, but we cannot guarantee the feasibility of itinerary changes in all the cases.

We Are Available to Lodge Your Complaints

We try to provide the best traveling experience to the clients. We are associated with honest, passionate, and transparent hoteliers and other travel service providers. Thus, we assure you that you shall have a seamless traveling experience with EWS Holidays. However, during the journey clients may come across some bad experiences. You can let us know about those things via email or telephonic calls. If mistakes happen from hoteliers, car rental service, and others, we shall take brisk action to resolve the issue.

Dispute in Invoices

The dispute in invoice rarely happens with us, though one may face such issues at times. Whenever you notice a dispute in the invoice, we kindly request you to draw our attention to the mistake. We are always ready to acknowledge our mistakes. If mistakes happen, we shall take all the measures to resolve the problem. Refunds will be immediately processed, if you have been mistakenly charged an extra amount of money due to errors in the invoice.

Feel Free to Call Us Anytime!

EWS Holidays is a responsible and professional name in the field of tourism and hospitality. We always aim to provide the best traveling experience to people. That is why we assure you that you can get our assistance whenever you feel that there is a dispute. During or before the journey, you can draw our attention to any minor or major dispute. We shall investigate the matter, and we assure you that appropriate measures will be taken to resolve the problem. To contact us, you can call us anytime. Alternatively, you can write us emails to let us know about the problems or disputes that you are facing with our service.

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