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Puri Hotels

Puri Hotels

Puri in Orissa is the town of Jagannath Temple which is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites of Hindus. Located on the beach Puri also has one of the best beaches for swimming in India. Devout pilgrims to nature-lovers and vacationers all visit Puri for different reasons and they all are comfortably accommodated at Puri hotels. There is a long list of old, classy hotels in Puri and then there are also flamboyant resorts and even holiday homes which mostly full during peak seasons. It is thus advisable to make booking for Puri hotels well ahead of time.

Hotels in Puri

While residing at these hotels in Puri one must gorge upon delicious food of the region. Most of these Puri hotels offer authentic preparations of cuisines of the region along with other world cuisine. From five star luxuries to budgeted hotels there is no dearth of hotels in Puri. Another asset to these properties is the courteous and helpful staff of these properties; serving the guests with full enthusiasm and etiquettes the staff takes the role more of a friend and a helping hand.

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