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Jodhpur Hotels

Jodhpur Hotels

Emblazoned in the color blue, the city of Jodhpur embodies the regal color of royalty. A historic city of princely state of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is essentially a tourist destination famed for its imposing Mehrangarh Fort, exquisite temples, museums and awe inspiring palace structures. As a result, tourist’s visits are frequent in the region and they all find their appropriate base from the plethora of hotels in Jodhpur. These Jodhpur hotels exude the charm of regal splendor in the region and are widely influenced from the architecture of the era of royalty. These properties thus are ultimate pleasure dome for the visitor and provide an opportunity to experience the princely charms of the bygone era.

Hotels in Jodhpur

Heritage hotels in Jodhpur are the most popular category of the hotels in the region. These properties originally belonged to the royalty which were later converted into elegant hotels availing an opportunity to live luxuriously like Kings. Designed aesthetically in traditional format, these Jodhpur hotels are laced with all the amenities of the modern world thereby producing a perfect blend of modern comforts and traditional opulence.

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