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Dehradun Hotels

Dehradun Hotels

The capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is situated amidst Himalayas and shares boundaries with beauteous hill station like Mussoorie. An erstwhile British colony, Dehradun still exudes charm with its Victorian style architecture and edifices. Thus a popular tourist town, Dehradun welcomes its visitors with its moderate climate and a good number of hotels. These Dehradun hotels work as ideal base for exploring the geographical splendours of the region that include national parks, holy towns of Rishikesh and Haridwar and verdant environs. The hotels in Dehradun are also frequented by business class tourists for the city houses various research centres, educational institutes and industrial organization.

Hotels in Dehradun

The hotels in Dehradun are cobbled in the midst of lush green mountains, provide a unique space to the honeymoon couples and help them to nurture their emotions in the core of nature. Dehradun hotels provide special bounty packages for all those aspiring travelers who are planning to visit this destination with their family. Special lounge for children, sports complex, swimming pools, recreational lounge are some of the facilities included in all the travel packages. Transparency, coordination, regular customer feedback are some of the features of the hotels in Dehradun which are rarely found in other hotels mushroomed in different parts of the country.

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